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Your pupils can have fun learning about Victorian life and the role that Punch & Judy shows played in entertaining the Victorians, or discover the place of the Punch and Judy Show at the Seaside. They can enjoy the novel toys in Chris's collection, learn all about Puppets of all descriptions, or be inspired by a Magical approach to stories and fairy tales and the different ways they can be told.

You can choose to have the presentation in either the morning or the afternoon. Prices start at £95, but costs vary with the number of children involved and also, more significantly, with the distance Chris has to travel. He covers a very wide area but obviously the more distant locations have to cost more than local schools.

In the case of the puppet or Punch & Judy workshops these always finish with a performance. Sometimes it helps to justify the cost of the workshop by opening up the performance to other classes - or even the whole school. There is no extra cost should you wish to do this. Timings can vary to fit in with playtime, lunch time and so on and Chris is happy to mix and match to suit your needs. Ring and have a chat.

Your pupils can have fun and learn at the same time with one of Chris's successful and unique presentations.

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